Sunday, November 2, 2008

The qualities of great teachers

In the introduction to Sonia Nieto's Why We Teach, the author lists the qualities that she believes that highly successful teachers display:

"In general, such teachers:

-Connect learning to students' lives
-Have high expectations for all students, even for those whom others may have given up on
-Stay committed to students in spite of obstacles that get in the way
-Place a high value on students' a foundation for learning
-View parents and other community members as partners in education
-Create a safe haven for learning
-Dare to challenge the bureaucracy of the school and the district
-Are resilient in the face of difficult situations
-Use active learning strategies
-Are willing and eager to experiment and can 'think on their feet'
-View themselves as lifelong learners
-Care about, respect, and love their students."

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