Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Google Reader, RSS Feeds, and self-education

RSS feeds are one of the most valuable tools on the Internet for self-educators. If you read online media (blogs, websites, etc.) but aren't familiar with RSS feeds and feed-readers, you are missing out on an enormous resource, and you should consider taking 10-15 minutes to set up a Google Reader account and subscribe to blogs and sites in your interest-area.

This video is helpful as an introduction to RSS feeds and their importance:

You can

The Internet can be an enormous time-waster, but its resources for self-educators are infinite. Google Reader (or a similar application) can help you organize some of those resources and use them in a more efficient way.


  1. Ryan: I completely agree that RSS feeds and feed-readers are a very valuable tool for anyone reading online media. There is so much information on the web to read and there are only so many hours in the day and feed-readers simplify your efforts.

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